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Music Committee

The Music Committee’s goal is to present a diverse range of high-quality performances for our community. If you attend regularly, you’ll be entertained, educated, and perhaps occasionally challenged.  Our offerings range in style from classical to jazz to folk to other genres.  We also sponsor a monthly sing-along.

The Committee is a dual-campus one. Current Easthampton members are Jeanne Breeden, Al Cohen, Jim Dowell, Priscilla Pike, Louise Reinecke, and Nel Wijnhoven.  Arlene Jennings, Joan Davis, and Andy Walsh are our members from Northampton. We welcome your suggestions about both types of music and specific performers you would like to have at Lathrop.

Music Committee Report
May 18, 2016

John Olson (Easthampton) has stepped down from the committee. Arlene Jennings (Northampton) has joined us.

Sunday afternoon concerts during the last month have featured jazz performers on two occasions, vocalist Carol Abbe Smith and the 20+ member Valley Jazz Voices. Mother’s Day brought a lively afternoon of diverse selections from the Well-Tempered Ukes, and On That Note presented 11 voices singing popular songs in beautiful harmony and with exceptionally clear diction. We also provided music for the Lathrop Memorial Service.

Upcoming programs include CAIX, baroque music with Salvatore Macchia on the viola da gamba and Francis Rosselli, archlute; the Piano Connection, nine performers including Lathrop’s Nel Wijnhoven; and Amandla, the well-regarded world music chorus. On May 29 we will be treated to music by our most internationally prestigious artist of the year, violist Marka Gustavsson, and her husband, John Halle, on piano. We are able to host Marka because her parents Louise Reinecke and Roger Gustavsson live at Lathrop. The Joyful Chorus from Whole Children will return on May 23; the new Lathrop Chorus will join in on a couple of numbers.

We have established a connection with the Lyra Summer Music Workshop, a three-week intensive classical music camp for youth which is relocating to Smith College. These promising musicians play string instruments or piano, and we hope to have them perform for us.

Our monthly Singalongs are going well, the Lathrop Chorus has attracted a dozen singers, and we are investigating possibilities for a resident instrumental group of some kind.

– Jim Dowell, Chair